How You Should Setup Your Baby’s Bedroom

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Setting up the nursery or the baby’s room is part of the many tasks of raising a baby. A great baby room need not be expensive. There are actually few must-haves that you will need to provide and then some. With careful planning and a little imagination, you can build a beautiful nursery that you and your family can truly be proud of. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

Your baby’s room should basically have the following furniture:
Crib – The type of crib your baby’s room should have will really depend on your budget and the available space. For the traditional parent, a standard crib that with sides that drop is a common choice Bigger rooms can accommodate round cribs and those with canopies. If you’re practical, go for the crib that can be converted into a toddler bed. Changing table – Give your back a favor and buy this piece of furniture for conveniently changing your baby’s diapers or dressing your baby up. Changing tables are designed with the proper height that will not put a strain on your back. If you’re concerned about the space it will eat up, go for a changing table that also doubles as a clothes drawer. Chest of drawers. You will need this piece of furniture to keep your baby’s clothes if the nursery doesn’t have a built-in closet. Alternatively, you can still have a chest of drawers to keep baby’s toys, books, and other paraphernalia.

Chair with foot stool, rocking recliner, or a rocking chair. You will be spending an awful lot of time rocking the baby to sleep especially if you don’t have a bassinet or cradle in the room. Also, it would also be the best place to relax while baby is asleep in the crib.
A great baby room has a layout that is carefully planned. Strategically placing furniture inside your baby’s room will not only save a lot of space but will also give you convenience in moving baby around. Keep in mind the following reminders:
Set up the crib near the room’s entrance. This will prevent you from tripping over things when you come rushing in the middle of the night.

Place the changing table near the crib. Doing so will prevent carrying baby across the room with a wet diaper.
Put the chair or rocking chair next to the window. This way, you truly relax looking out the window and enjoying the breeze while rocking your baby to sleep or feeding him.

As for the design, all of the furniture in your baby’s room should complement each other. Choose colors that are happy and bright such as whites and pastel hues. If you’re feeling extravagant, you can follow a specific theme. It would also be time-saving on your part if you just use attractive wallpapers designed for nurseries. Choose hardwood floors than wall-to-wall carpets to prevent dust mites and other allergens. The design should be structured to provide optimum safety and security for your baby. It should be childproof and yet child-friendly as well. Install electric outlets with covers and never expose wires that your child can grab. It is also best to secure large furniture to the walls by using a sturdy nylon strap or by connecting with an L-bracket. To be on constant alert, you can also install a baby monitor in the room. Check our Bulkea.