Alkaline or Acidic Water – Which Is Safer?

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The drinking water that you take in every day is treated to make it safe in terms of killing harmful bacteria, however it is not so safe in terms of what those chemicals may be doing to your body. At least that is what some scientists believe. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

Alkaline Water?

The basic idea here makes sense. Water that is full of DBPs, fluoride and residual contamination from pharmaceutical drugs could well be harmful. However the issue of the pH of water is something that is more controversial. Some experts claim that acidic water is a breeding ground for disease while alkaline water has amazing antioxidant properties which mean that it can “mop up” the free radicals that cause inflammation and disease. Some even go so far as to claim that it can reverse arthritis and slow the effects a of other degenerative conditions and even cure cancer.

Just a Fad?

There are many other experts that believe the idea of using alkaline water for its regenerative properties is dangerous and that it is nothing more than an expensive fad.

A lot of the claims that are made about alkaline water are carefully worded so that they are just accurate sounding enough to impress people but also just vague enough to not be legally questionable. For example, claims about the water making people feel “high” could be based on the way that people feel when nthe water flushes out their bodies, removing the caffeine and sugars that abound in the soda they were drinking so much of before. They may also feel high because they are finally properly hydrated, after years of not drinking enough. They would get the same benefits from drinking lots of filtered water, so why pay extra for alkaline water?

It is not just the expense of the water that is cause for concern. For many of those who choose alkaline water, the decision is one that is based on fear, confusion or false hope. Alkaline water is marketed as a cure-all, and if it discourages those in need from seeking medical attention or is used in the place of evidence based medicine then it could do a lot of harm.

There are many diets that are based around the idea of managing the pH of the foods that you consume, and the idea is generally sound, but it is something that should be done in addition to other treatments, not at the exclusion of them. The reluctance of the alkaline water supporters to engage in true scientific debate is a warning sign.

If you are concerned about water purity then you should look at purchasing a standard water filter either to attach to your taps or to use in jug form. These can be purchased quite cheaply and are highly effective at getting rid of the kinds of contaminants that the scientific community has reached a clearer consensus about. Alkaline vs acidic water does not fall into that kind of group. Check out Nicmar.